20 years of experience

in the pharmaceutical industry!

Specialized in the OTC’s sector (medical devices, cosmetics, food supplements, etc.)

Quality is our benchmark in any guiding we are providing

We are a reliable partner and supplier

We have a dedicated team and expertise in contract manufacturing


EMINVEST Pharmaceuticals Company is a company with Romanian capital that began to write its history in the 90’s.

Emivest Pharmaceuticals is a company specialized in the development and commercialization of medical devices, food supplements, dermocosmetic products, biocides. Our customers are pharmaceutical companies and private label distributors. To provide the best quality of our services we control the entire cycle of development and production of every product in our portfolio. We have been ISO 13485 and ISO-9001 certified since 2008.

We operate on the basis and in accordance with EU directives on medical devices, food supplements, dermocosmetic products, biocides.

Besides production, the company has the resources needed to develop packaging and products identity / brands in the manufacturing contract system / private label.

The company has expertise in processing raw materials: over 250 extracts; production place is ISO, GMP, HACCP certified.

EMINVEST Pharmaceuticals offers services for contract manufacturing partnerships for the following categories:

The company is characterized by maximum flexibility, quality standards, a perfect traceability of the production process; production capacity: semi-solids 1,5 million units ; Liquids 2.6 million units ;

EMINVEST Pharmaceuticals aims, at a long-term relationship with its customers, adapting to their needs, therefore focuses on providing additional services, the latter being an issue that the company takes care in particular. As our strategy is based on providing best quality of personalized service to our clients, the company became a partner/ important supplier in the pharmaceutical industry, production capacities extending every year.

The development directions of the company include the expansion of production facilities and flow of semisolids (glycerin suppositories, hemo suppositories, vaginal ovules) and liquids (vaginal showers, throat spray for pain and ear cleaning, etc).